Attraction Pricing

Virtual Reality

  • or 32 credits

Lazer Frenzy

  • or 20 credits

Play Cards – Can be used for all games and attractions!

Credits can be purchased in any amount

4 Credits = $1

Check out our best values!

750 Credits

  • 600 + 150 FREE

600 Credits

  • 480 + 120 FREE

360 Credits

  • 300 + 60 FREE

230 Credits

  • 200 + 30 FREE

110 Credits

  • 100 + 10 FREE

Gift Cards!

In The Game Gift Cards can be used to purchase Food and Attractions or Play Arcade Games! They also make great holiday or birthday gifts! There’s something for everyone at In The Game. Buy online or in-store!

Gift Card FAQs

Where can I use my Gift Card? ​You can use your Gift Card only at the location for which it was purchased.

When does the Gift Card expire? There is no expiration date on your Gift Card.

What if I lose my Gift Card? Your Gift Card has cash value and should be safeguarded as such.

Gift Cards can not be accepted as payment of any contracted events including scheduled group outings, corporate events, birthday parties, etc.