Climb to the peak of adventure.

Whether you’re testing your superhero skills or simply conquering a fear of heights with our indoor climbing wall! Climbing this wall will be a challenge! With three different ways up, you’ll want to conquer them all!

Rock Wall

$12per guest
  • To climb all 3 sides of the rock wall
  • Weight between 40-250 lbs
  • Minimum height of 40″
  • Minimum age of 6 years old


  • Weight between 40-250 lbs. (1B-113KG)

  • Minimum height of 40″ (102cm)

  • Minimum age of 6 years old

  • Must be in good health

  • Listen and obey employees at all times

  • Read and obey all posted Warning signs

  • Participant cannot be intoxicated

  • No smoking, alcohol, food, or beverage allowed inside the climbing area

  • No side to side climbing or swinging

  • No open toe shoes

  • Do not climb above wall

  • NO CLIMBERS without approved safety wear and system

  • Do not climb if slack is present in the cable

Safety Warning

  • “High Active Sport”

  • Do NOT participate if: 

    You have had back, neck, shoulder, arm, heart problems, broken bones, or spinal injuries. Any lower body injuries and/or any other physical or medical problems or if you are pregnant. Any injuries to the upper body especially.

  • It is up to you to make the right decision

  • Please use common sense!

  • Use at your own risk