Qube Motion Thrill Ride

$7per guest
  • Up to 4 can play at once!

Available Now! Experience this full-motion interactive adventure!

Up to 4 riders at a time can experience the Qube’s amazing 100” 4k projected display, motion seats, wind, blasters, 5.1 surround sound system and best-in-class visuals! Compete against your friends and family for the highest score as you ride again and again through the range of exciting co-op adventures!

Confront the nightmare of the Carnival. Embark on an epic, adrenaline-fueled chase and battle reptilian monsters in Gigamon. Head on a wild pursuit in the great American West by wagon, train and river raft, and stop a mad scientist in his tracks in Los Banditos. What will you play first?

Preview Games!

  • Carnival

  • Gigamon

  • Los Banditos