Use your skills to beat your opponents through the dark!

Get ready for endless fun with LASERTRON at In The Game Peabody!

Our multi-level laser tag arena is equipped with LASERTRON’s state-of-the-art LT-12.5 Pro Game System. It features a ramp that lead to a large 2nd level with tons of passageways, corridors and chances to sneak your opponents.

Put on your high-tech battle gear for an exciting game of laser tag! Once it’s go-time, it’s up to you and your team to tag the opposing team and earn as many points as you can! Laser Tag is a great way to get active for both children and adults!

A session of LASERTRON is made up of 2 games played back to back.

Stick around for another game or go check out all of the other things to do at In The Game Peabody!

Laser Tag

  • Approximately two 6-7 minute games


  • Must be 48″ tall to participate