Experience the BEST Reno Arcade at In The Game!

There’s a reason why we’re called ‘In The Game,’ we have TONS of the greatest and best games to immerse you in the gaming experience! In The Game is THE Reno Arcade to put on your “must visit” list!

We have the BEST Games!

From cutting edge VR Tech with our fully immersive EXTREME Virtual Reality Arena, to arcade classics, to interactive Premium VR Rides that transport you to whole new worlds – There is so much to see and do at In The Game Reno!

You haven’t experienced VR until you’ve tried our EXTREME VR. Roam a world of zombies, pirates, or killer robots in a huge arena – completely unbound by wires! No tangle, no mess, no restrictions. You are IN The Game!

Food Too!

Plus, our convenient location inside South 40 puts you in the heart of the action, with events, great food, and a full bar! Live events, eat & play specials, and group packages make your day EPIC, all in one spot!

For kids or the young-at-heart, we are ready to make your day EPIC.